Pashi presents the Means of Production, a podcast about what it really takes to build, maintain, and scale the processes that produce the physical products that power our world. Every episode, we ask a manufacturing expert to walk us through the nuts and bolts of how they do their job. We explore how and why they got into manufacturing, dive deep into the hardest problems they've solved on production lines, and discuss their thoughts on what's broken in manufacturing today and how those things can be fixed.

This podcast is hosted by Siddhit Sanghavi, Pashi's US Operations Lead, and former assembly engineer at Ford Motor Company. If you are part of the manufacturing world and you're interested in being a guest on the Means of Production, get in touch below.

Episode 7: Material flow design, learning from manufacturing senseis, and the elimination of muda with Ed Hollingsworth from Ford Motor Company

Season 1 Episode 7, Jun 09, 2021.

Ed Hollingsworth, Manufacturing Engineer for Powertrain Engineering at Ford Motor Company talks about how an affinity for drawing and repairing things at home led him to a manufacturing career, what he learned from Japanese senseis, and material flow design and ergonomics for manual workstations.

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Episode 6: F-150 Hybrid powertrain complexity, problem-solving as an essential life skill, and the “magic formula” for tire design.

Season 1 Episode 6, Jun 02, 2021.

Zach Westhoff, Lead Manufacturing Engineer for Powertrain Engineering at Ford Motor Company talks about problem-solving as a life skill, the mysterious formula that is used to design race car tires, his time mentoring New Mexico college racing teams, and his contribution to the F-150 Hybrid truck.

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Episode 5: Changeover downtime, recontextualizing problems, and simplifying leadership through the 5-Whys method with Kamal Kalsaria from GKN Driveline.

Season 1 Episode 5, May 25, 2021.

We speak to Kamal Kalsaria, Value Stream Manager at GKN Driveline about his unique approach to “problems”, changeover downtime challenges, and inculcating a culture of asking questions in teams using the 5-Whys method.

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Episode 4: Virtual assembly, centralizing data, and death by a thousand non-cyclic seconds with Clara Goldberg from Ford Motor Company.

Season 1 Episode 4, May 19, 2021.

We speak to Clara Goldberg, Lead Process Engineer for e-Motors (Rotor), about how her love for puzzles led her to manufacturing, virtually assembling units, and how she tackled the crucial problem of non-cyclic tasks on the factory floor.

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Episode 3: Dimensional data drill-downs, body construction, and the human element in manufacturing communication with Dan O'Lear from Ford Motor Company.

Season 1 Episode 3, May 13, 2021.

Dan O'Lear, Vehicle Operations Manufacturing engineer at Ford Motor Company talks about resource management in launches, the intricacies of dimensional data, communication and software.

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Episode 2: Re-manufacturing, global quality standards and reincarnating diesel engines with Rumeet Mehta from Cummins.

Season 1 Episode 2, May 11, 2021.

We speak to Rumeet Mehta, Global Quality Transformation Leader at Cummins about turbo engines, the incredible multiple life of engines in the re-manufacturing world and maintaining high quality standards across a global network of facilities.

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Episode 1: Chip fabrication, plasma, and nanometer-wide wrenches with Parth Shah from Intel.

Season 1 Episode 1, Mar 30, 2021.

In our inaugural episode, we speak to Parth Shah, PhD, a software engineer and former process engineer at Intel about the incredible processes behind microprocessor manufacturing, his love of all things aerospace, research in plasma technology and how his seemingly disconnected experiences weaved into a crucial breakthrough during the design of a new fab line for the next-gen microprocessors for Intel.

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